Where should your new tires be installed?

Tires can be very expensive especially when you were not planning on buying new tires for awhile. Most times it is easier to purchase two tires instead of all four at the same time. If you should chose this route your replacement tires must be the same size and construction as your current tires. The guys at FinishLine Auto Care are here to help. It is also very important they are installed on the rear axle for safety reasons.

New tires have a deeper tread than used tires. When tires have a deeper tread, they grip and vacate water more efficiently than the tires with some wear on them. When you buy tires and install them at the rear of your car, this will help to maintain traction, especially in situations when travelling on wet or snow packed roads like much of the rgion is during the winter and early spring.

Better traction in the rear of your car can prevent an over-steer condition (when the amount that the car steers is greater than what is intended by the driver) and will help to provide vehicle stability on wet surfaces.

The cost of new tires is very minimal compared to the benefits they bring. Tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road. There are five main benefits of purchasing new tires; improved safety, increased performance. better fuel economy. improved traction, and an overall better driving experience.